Monday, March 21, 2011

this weekend my lovely friend sarah and I had a photo shoot.

here is a tiny sneak peek as well as a couple of the shots of pieces already on, or due to go, on my etsy shop very soon.

more pics to come..

flower brooches with vintage pins, mimosa monster badge

chunky red crochet necklace

chunky choc crochet necklace

Friday, March 18, 2011

screen shot from my pinterest 'colours' board

incase you don't know what pinterest is, it's my most favourite internet invention yet. it's the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing way to categorise pictures you're drawn to (and don't want to forget) while cruising around the internet.
Reading my daily dose of the design files this morning I was surprised and thrilled in equal measures to notice my name mentioned in Fiona Scanlan's interview having made some crochet necklaces for her last summer range to be sold in all of her gorgeous shops around Melbourne.
I felt honoured in the first place to collaborate with Fiona Scanlan for Big and Fiona and now for my name to be mentioned on the amazing and ever inspiring design files, well that just completely made my day!

Here are some pics of the crochet necklaces I made for BIG and Fiona

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

here are some necklaces I made a while ago. these or variations on these will be going on my etsy shop soon

back from the dead

allo. after over a year of not posting a thing on this I thought I'd start up again seeing as I'm working on an etsy store at the moment.

to get the ball rolling here are some pictures that have been inspiring me for the past few months.